We offer expert international travel consultation and immunization services for new and existing patients. We identify country specific immunization requirements as well as recommendations based upon your travel itinerary. Patients have around-the-clock emergency access to all physicians via our website and email while abroad, for up-to Influenza, Trypanosomaisis , Malaria , Hepatitis-A , Travelers Diarrhea

-date health and specific country information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health Canada, Eurosurveillance, ProMED, The World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.S. Department of State (USDOS).

Our Travel Consultation services include:
  • Comprehensive pre-travel counseling with Dr. Melamed.
  • Customized portfolio of travel information with specific immunization requirements and recommendations; the most recent specific country health updates; travel warnings; entry requirements; customs regulations; general safety and security guidelines; crime prevention information; traffic safety considerations; road conditions; aviation safety overview and embassy consulate locations.
  • Travel Health Planner, which provides information on traveler safeguard including: vaccines, general health and safety, food and water considerations, protection from insect bites, and avoiding contagious diseases.
    A World Health Organization approved International Certificate of Vaccination booklet with documentation of vaccinations received.
  • Anti-Malaria Prescription, if indicated.
Complete Immunization Services and Fees include:
Personal Travel Consultation
Anti-Malaria Prescription
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Japanese Encephalitis
Lyme Disease
Measles, Mumps, Rubella
Varicella (Chickenpox)
Yellow Fever
Destination Map and Vaccine Preventable Disease Guide

Choose the region that contains the destinations on your itinerary to find a list of the most prevalent vaccine preventable diseases. For more specific and comprehensive information, schedule a travel consultation on-line or call one of of our offices

Travel Map

The following sites are just a few that provide up-to-date information about disease outbreaks and risks while traveling. For more specific information about a travel itinerary, schedule a travel consultation on-line.

Centers For Disease Control
World Health Organization
U.S. State Department
Traveler’s Health contains links to the CDC’s many resources for international travelers.
Disease Outbreak News has information on current outbreaks. This site includes historical archives by year and disease.
The Bureau of Consular Affairs site contains current Travel Warnings, Consular Info Sheets and Public Announcements alphabetized by countries.