West LA Hair

WWW.WESTLAHAIR.COM Permanent hair restoration utilizing advanced systems that are effective for men and women. A combination of Stem Cells, PRP growth factors, laser bio-stimulation, and robotic hair replacement will help you regrow your own hair naturally.

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West LA Skincare

WWW.WESTLASKINCARE.COM Enhanced PRP and Stem Cell Skin Correction. Fillers and Botox for Facial Enhancement. QRejuvenation Melasma Reduction. Micropore Stimulation. Acne Control and Scar Management

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West LA Genetic Health

WWW.GENETICHEALTHANDWELLNESS.COM Genetic analysis and review, along with comprehensive medical assessment in order to determine the best lifestyle changes for a long and healthy life.

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West LA Cellulite

WWW.WESTLACELLULITE.COM Dr. David Melamed the first physician to offer an effective treatment to reduce Cellulite and Fat FDA Certified Zerona laser body contouring, AWT and LipoDissolve.

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